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    On our website Spain-for-rent.com travellers can find holiday rentals adverts. Travellers can send enquiries and booking requests directly to the owners or to local agents. The use of Spain-for-rent.com for any purpose other than browsing and booking requests is strictly prohibited.

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    Spain-for-rent.com cannot be held responsible for any losses or damages you may experience from renting a holiday rental. Therefore, Spain-for-rent.com is not obliged to offer any refund or compensation for losses you may have suffered from renting a holiday rental from an advertiser.

  5. Reviews
    Our review system enables travellers to provide a review of a holiday rental after their stay and leave comments for future travellers. Owners and local agents cannot change or delete reviews about their holiday rental but may post a reply to each review.
    The reviews of the travellers and the answers of the owners are their subjective opinions. We reserve the right to remove any content that does not comply with the guidelines.
    Reviews should provide useful information for the benefit of future travellers. It is strictly forbidden to use the reviews to threaten the other party.

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